New tapes from Aunt Sis (Asheville, NC), Blunt Bangs (members of LITTLE GOLD and BLACK KIDS) and Loose Knives coming soon.

LBS-11 AUNT SIS “These People” cs


LBS-10 LINDA “This Isn’t a Sun” cs


100 copies on puke-green tapes. $5

LBS-09 Deep State “NICE” cs

Recorded by Jesse Mangum at The Glow, Athens, GA. Mastered by Joel Hatstat. 11 songs written in the alley at Hendy’s. Collect all 4 covers; pink, green, white & lavender. $6, includes dl code. deep state is Ryan, Michael, Smokey and Taylor.

LBS-08 Jo RB Jones cassette

100 copies, gold stenciled red glitter tapes. 7 tracks of delightful indie pop. Anchored by the stellar songwriting of Rebecca Jones, and framed by the wise, understated performance of her bandmates Michael Wright, Herny Barbe, & Glenn Reece. Recorded at Chase Park Transduction by Henry Barbe. Killer shit. $5.00 + shipping.

LBS-07 Deep State “Bein’ Mean” cassette

Songs about frustration, crazy friends, self-destructive behavior, little stuff that affects you more than you know, lack of religion, and not getting paid enough. Deep State is based in Athens GA, and includes members of Little Gold and Brothers. “Bein’ Mean’ was recorded in 2014 by Jesse Mangum at The Glow in Athens. Run of 200 pink cassettes, 5 songs, same program both sides. $5 + shipping.
deep state bandcamp

LBS-06 Little Gold “Spectral Sight”

“Just the right amount of smart punk and stoned weirdness for me” – Kade Kahl, Jinx Remover

Spectral Sight seems always just on the verge of collapsing into a complete mess” -Nathan Kerce, Flagpole Magazine

A 30 minute gem of a record filled with scrappy anthems about specific witches and minor league ballplayers. 180 gram black vinyl with beautiful full-color artwork by Eliza Childress. Includes a free download code. $15 + shipping

listen to it here:

LBS-04 Lovey Dovies “Shive”

this is our new (second, sophomore, cooler twin) album and the first official release in almost three years!  “Shive” has nine songs by james and a cover of an old song written by our dear gone friend Colin Brown. there are lots of friends all over this album, and it was a fucking ball to make so we hope you enjoy it. shoplifters of the world unite and take over! Shive! get pissed destroy! Split release with Tuff Fuzz.


LBS-05: Schwervon! “Courage”

(Split release with Olive Juice Music)

**************************SOLD OUT!!!!!!!***************************

Last summer, Schwervon! took a break from the hustle and bustle of their home headquarters in New York City and headed south to the land of Elvis and Stax Records (Memphis, TN). Their mission was to record with legendary indie rock engineer Doug Easley (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Cat Power). Matt says his original inspiration for the duo taking the trip down south was listening to old Grifters albums, and specifically reading a very conspicuous advertisement for Easley-McCain Studios on the inside fold of the Grifters’ first Subpop Release “Ain’t My Lookout”. Everything came full circle when Dave Shouse (Grifters, Those Bastard Souls, The New Mary Jane) agreed to appear as a guest vocalist for the song “Daydream Ration”. Also appearing as a guest vocalist on the track “Truth Teller” is Frances McKee, of legendary Glaswegian band The Vaselines. Schwervon! befriended McKee after opening for The Vaselines on their European tour in 2011. Between the recording sessions and the official release of the record, Nan and Matt moved from NYC to Kansas City. They could no longer afford to NOT be doing music full-time and decided to leave Manhattan to make this possible. They moved to Matt’s tree-lined hometown of Shawnee, Kansas where they now reside between tours with their cat Gummo and his Dad, Harry.

Little Gold – Jesus + Mary Cheney (cassette)

Recorded at Christian DeRoeck’s new home studio, Cookie Road (OS).  Includes 5 new songs and 2 covers, “Cupid” by Sam Cooke, and “I’m on Fire” by The Boss.  Jason Kelly from Fergus & Geronimo plays drums on one song.  Limited to 100 hand-designed copies. OUT OF PRINT!

LBS-03: Ancient Sky “T.R.I.P.S.”

Ancient Sky’s second LP, T.R.I.P.S., rips harder and dives deeper into the swirling psychedelic abyss hinted at on their self-titled debut. The bluesy, stoner riffs are less abundant, clearing room for some long, slow burning jams and tight rock songs that leap suddenly from beneath a thick layer of delay and feedback like so many gators in a foggy swamp. 500 copies on 150 gram black vinyl. Artwork by Jenna Ransom. $14 + shipping.

LBS-02: Radical Dads “Mega Rama”

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Radical Dads is a band that sounds like standing next to a body of water and noticing that something is moving just underneath the surface and then realizing that actually nothing is moving, it’s just that your glasses are broken and you have no idea how it happened. Also your elbow is scraped up and you think something just caught on fire in the distance — you can see the glow and smell it a little. There is a junkyard nearby, where something is about to happen, or is already happening.

Radical Dads features Lindsay Baker on guitar #1 and vocals. Chris Diken plays guitar #2. Robbie Guertin plays the drums and also sings. They’ve been friends for 15 years and started Radical Dads in 2008.

The band’s first album, Mega Rama, was released by Uninhabitable Mansions in June of 2011. Loud Baby Sounds issued the vinyl December 13th, just in time for the holidays.

Radical Dads live in Brooklyn, practice in Gowanus, and currently concern themselves with amplification and the anthropomorphism of marine life. 500 copies. full-color artwork by Michael Deforge. $14 + shipping.

LBS-01: Little Gold “Weird Freedom”

Local luddite Christian DeRoeck moved out of Rear House in 2008. He immediately fled to Arizona to attempt to woo a college student. A week later a sad and confused “Smokey”, as he is known to his friends, returned to Brooklyn and set about making that record he’d been meaning to make. The album was called On the Knife, for some reason, and it was a sad bastard of a record. He called the band Little Gold, from a line in the David Berman poem If There Was a Book About This Hallway.
In 2010 Christian met Brian Markham and Patrick Broderick of Ancient Sky. They connected over a shared passion for smoked meats, and began to work on some new Little Gold songs. The rhythm section brought powerful new energy, and the band worked the new tunes up and down the east coast, out to California, and eventually over to Europe in the fall of 2010. The following year the band released Weird Freedom on their own label, Loud Baby Sounds. 500 copies on sky blue vinyl. CDs are also available.


LOUD BABY T-shirts

******T-SHIRTS are currently OUT OF STOCK! MORE SOON! SORRY!!!******

Now you too can look like ROBBIE GUERTIN of RADICAL DADS with your own Loud Baby Sounds t-shirt! Hand-screened on super soft Alternative Apparel shirts. Get with it already!

Currently available in blue or brown, but colors will change with each batch.
$10 + $2 postage in the US. Postage will vary outside the US.